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For The Artists 




The Signature Arts will not accept any images that contains;  


Racial offense

Sexual exploitation  

Depiction of sexual acts 

Pornographic imagery  

The use of expletives


We advise that any models used in any art or photography sign to agree that they are over the age of 18. 


All art must be original to the artist and any copyright infringement will lead to the image being removed from our site.  

All artists are advised to watermark their images for extra protection (this is optional). 


All artist information that you provide will be saved for the duration of your membership. Once the yearly subscription ends, the only information we will keep is your email address (to use for any offers and promotions), any other information and images will be deleted. 

If you wish for us to delete your email, please contact us and we will respect your wishes. 


If any customers contact The Signature Arts regarding any issues, we will contact you and you will be expected to resolve the matter swiftly and fairly. Any inappropriate behaviour, would lead to you being removed from our site.


We may use the art you submit from time to time in promotion posts on The Signature Arts social media sites. You the artist will be credited in any work we use on our pages. 


Packaging and Shipping 


All artists are in control over their own packaging and shipping. Shipping costs are not included on our website and the artist must inform the customers of the cost before a purchase agreement is made.   


Returns Policy 


Artists must inform customers of their returns policy before a purchase is made. Please comply to the legal rights of the consumer. 




Subscription payments are paid at the beginning of your annual membership and are not refundable. 

This is the only annual payment between you and The Signature Arts. 

All payments and payment methods regarding artwork will be agreed between you and your customer. 


Account Management 


After subscribing, your account can be updated at any time by re-uploading your update form. 

Artists can display a minimum of 3 and up to a maximum of 20 pieces (depending on your chosen membership) at any one time, and these pieces can be changed, removed or update unlimitedly.

The Signature Arts accepts artwork that is for sale or commission based. 


The Signature Arts have the right to refuse work that does not meet The Signature Arts standards or criteria. 

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