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'Sunset' Series - Artwork 1

'Sunset' Series - Artwork 1


Artwork Size: 50 x 60 x 3.8cm


Acrylic, watercolour, spraypaint & oil pastels on 50 x 60 x 3.8 cm 100% Cotton canvas.


A sunset for me evokes feelings of optimism and gratitude. They are beautifully epic & represent connecting to something bigger through a shared experience. How lucky we are to watch this amazing masterpiece of nature. As the sun sets we can feel grateful for everything we’ve experienced in this day & optimistic to do it all over again & see what the next day brings. I’ve focused on a palette of fresh nudes and corals with intense pinks & oranges, complimented by calming nudes and earthy greens.


The last image shows two pieces from the series. 


All rights reserved by the artist. 

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