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Ranjit Sagoo. UK

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Ranjit Singh Sagoo from Sutton Coldfield, England, is a self-taught pastel artist. Although he has always had an innate artistic talent, life chose a different career path for him in medicine following a fascination in understanding the human mind and body. Now an NHS Doctor his daily art requires empathic understanding and a clinical and diagnostic acuity. Having established his medical career, Ranjit is now pursuing his love of art, aspiring to establish himself within the art community and share his work and artistic concepts.


The amalgamation of the experiences of his life as a doctor and artist, Ranjit’s art is an exploration of human behaviour and emotion, visualised through imagery of wildlife and nature. Fascinated by human behaviour through his daily experiences and interactions with his patients, Ranjit expresses these emotions through his art. Ranjit challenges his art to speak the emotions and feelings it portrays creating both a visual and emotional connection for the viewer.


Wildlife and nature have always fascinated him and using his preferred medium of pastel, Ranjit challenges himself to bring to life these realistic, hyper detailed wildlife drawings, so that standing in front of the subject, the viewer can feel the texture of the skin, the softness of the fur, the pierce of the stare. Ranjit invites the viewer to connect not only visually, but emotionally experience very human behaviours and feelings in their natural, animalistic form.

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