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Sophie Parkhill

Sophie Parkhill. Wales, UK

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Sophie Parkhill is an award winning artist based in North Wales, UK, also known on social media as SP Wildlife Art. Sophie uses soft pastels to create lifelike wildlife paintings, aiming to give the feel of the animal being in the room with the viewers.

In 2021, Sophie won awards with the Association of Animal Artists, Light Space & Time, Camelback Gallery & Art Show International, as well as being exhibited in the prestigious London Mall Galleries as a finalist of the Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition.

Recently, Sophie has delved into the fascinating world of acrylics, working to create a new series of rescued wildlife, in order to raise funds for the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, helping them to fight against animal abuse and wildlife exploitation, particularly in tourism attractions.

Sophie dedicates several weeks of her year accepting commissions not just of wildlife, but also pets, human portraits and landscapes.

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